What makes a Bulletproof Window?

Bulletproof windows are made from glass which is somewhat similar to standard glass, such as being transparent and light omitting. Manufacturers create bulletproof windows in various strengths and thicknesses to protect against physical assaults. The strength of each window depends on how much polycarbonate material is used, but when it comes to protection from dangerous weapons, unlawful intruders, and criminals, bulletproof windows are a great solution.

Design Features

The basic design of bulletproof windows is created as follows:

1. Sheets of tempered glass are cut to fit the window dimensions
2. Sheets of tempered glass are laminated together with layers of advanced polymer -the polymer bonds with the glass, preventing it from shattering into pieces under the force of a heavy impact
3. The polymer sheets are cut to match the dimensions of the tempered glass window
4. Alternate layers of laminated glass, plus polymer sheets are adhered together with ethylene-vinyl acetate to complete the bullet proof formation – to qualify as bulletproof, the window must be at least three inches thick


The glass composition of the window must have enough impact absorbing layers to impede a bullet’s contact, preventing it from piercing through the final layers of glass. A high impact bullet will pierce the exterior layer of laminated glass before it reaches the flexible polycarbonate layers which absorb the force of impact. Bulletproof windows are now a commonplace fixture in banks, educational institutions, courtrooms, government buildings, retail stores, police stations, pharmacies, medical facilities, check cashing facilities, cashier booths, prisons, and any place where ballistic and attack resistant products are needed.

Bulletproof Window Features

Bulletproof windows are tough, protective, and are available in varying options, such as cast acrylic, which is available in an uncoated form or abrasion resistant coating which makes it more durable against cleaning solvents, varying weather conditions, and ultraviolet light. This bulletproof material is also typically lighter than other bullet resistant materials. Clad polycarbonate is made of both laminated glass and polycarbonate, which makes it perfect for exterior windows as it holds up to use and harsh weather conditions. Its rating makes it nearly impenetrable to forced entry, explosive blasts, and hurricane force winds. Top quality bullet proof windows are manufactured to the very highest standards, and are available in protection levels UL 1-8 including armor piercing and .50 calibers.

Top Quality Protection Glass

The Armortex Manufacturing Company produces the most comprehensive line of bullet, blast and forced entry protection products available, such as:

*Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

* Custom Fabrics & Textiles
* Bullet Resistant Steel & Aluminum Windows
* Bullet Resistant Wood, Steel & Aluminum Storefront Doors
* Bullet & Blast Resistant Aluminum Window Systems (up to 42 psi, and 30 cal. Armor Piercing)
* Blast Resistant Steel & Aluminum Storefront Doors
* Forced Entry / Bullet Resistant Windows & Doors

These products are manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility in Schertz, TX. Where they are carefully and thoroughly assembled and inspected to ensure the highest quality.

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