What Are SMPS Transformers Used For?

What Are SMPS Transformers Used For?

When you need to switch power supplies for any power conversion you may find, you need to use SMPS transformers. SMPS stands for switching mode power supply, and it is very commonly used in any system requiring a highly efficient and small transformer as opposed to a the need for low-frequency transformers associated with high levels of inefficiency.

All SMPS systems or power supplies with energy coming direct from an AC outlet or line will need to have SMPS transformers. As mentioned above these are high-frequency transformers and, as such, they are very small in size. This means they are ideal in small components and systems, without losing any accuracy in switching the system on and off.

The Design

To work at a high frequency and to ensure maximum speed and efficiency of the unit, the best SMPS transformers are designed with a ferrite core. They will be fully surge tested, and the design includes shielding and insulation to avoid any electromagnetic interference that could shorten the life of the components or result in fluctuations in power.

Manufacturers of these types of transformers, as with other transformers and inducers, will provide precise design information as well as quality control and testing information if required. As these are essential component and failure of the transformer can impact everything after the component, this is a critical consideration when selecting both a manufacturer as well as a design.

Their Uses

You will find SMPS transformers used in a variety of different applications. They are commonly found in all types of power supplies, including UPS devices to maintain power to essential equipment when main power sources fail.

They are also found in power supplies for residential and commercial use, as well as in inverters that can be used to provide power through plugging into a vehicle or other type of power source. Many types of lighting ballasts will also use SMPS transformers as will a good number of telecommunications devices as well as audio components.

It is a good idea to buy your SMPS transformers, as well as all your components, from a company with a solid reputation in top quality parts and inventory. These are not expensive parts, but they are available through many of the best online sellers in bulk pricing, which makes good business sense for manufacturing and repair needs.

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