Advertise and Promote Your Business with Embeddable Calendar Widgets

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Software

Embeddable calendar widgets are a unique way to increase your target audience for promotions and events. An event can be posted on your website and shared with the public to ensure you receive maximum exposure. Multiple calendars are linked from the widget where events can be posted and changed. Once the occasion has been changed on the main calendar, other networks such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter will automatically update. This allows you to save time that it would otherwise be used to bring update all of those pages individually.

Calendar Widgets that Are Quick to Install

With easy installation, an event will only take about 30 minutes to list on a calendar widget that is placed on your homepage. Using a calendar widget enables a business to upload multiple events at one time, whether they are current or future events. Videos, images, and locations can be posted with an event listing so current and potential customers have all of the information they need about your event at their fingertips. A company can also customize their calendar to fit a corporation’s needs so they can display the information they wish to express.

Simply Manage Events and Promote Your Business

A user-friendly menu allows a business to access their calendar widget from a computer, laptop, or smartphone, in turn making it easy to make changes or list events while on the go. This widget can also work with other programs that produce emails and build newsletters to further promote the occasion. On the main page the amount of views an event receives will be available to you so you can determine the extent of exposure needed to attract more customers. A business will be able to keep track of where an event is being viewed from, along with the ability to see which events are most and least viewed. The dashboard also allows a company to control when the date is accessible and edit any changes, which decreases the need for other administrators to help maintain the promotion of events.

Easy Communication

With today’s busy lifestyle managing a widget can help simplify communication between you and your viewers. Calendar widgets give business owners a fast and easy way to spread information concerning sales events and other promotions they would like to share. Whether it is a public art fair, or a private business meeting, using this tool can make it easier to connect with your target audience.


If you are looking for a professional network company to help promote your event, contact Everwondr Network. They are more than happy to schedule a meeting with you and provide a demo of their embeddable calendar widget.

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