Affordable Luxury Apartments on the Upper East Side

Affordable Luxury Apartments on the Upper East Side

Would you be surprised to know that one of the most exclusive and affluent neighborhoods in New York City is surprisingly affordable? It’s true! Luxury apartments with amenities to die for on the upper East side are more within reach than celebrity-packed neighborhoods like Tribeca. The median home value in this neighborhood is just short of $1.4 million, even in a hot seller’s market. This neighborhood has some of the most exclusive properties in the city, and unique architectural gems ranging from the late 18th-century, to opulent 19th-century mansions, and 20th-century Art Deco masterpieces. Now, modern classics are rising in these neighborhoods to bring new housing and create oohs and aahs with their stunning styles.

A Sought-After Neighborhood

New York is a big city, and the Upper East Side is a big neighborhood. Running from the east side of Central Park all the way to the Hudson River, and from East 97th Street down to East 59th Street, residents seeking entertainment, culture, or just a good walk are in luck with the many adventures awaiting them in the neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood that is well known for affordable one bedroom apartments for sale, as well as chic boutiques and exclusive co-ops. Finding a one bedroom in a modern classic building such as Vitre is your gateway to experience one of New York’s classic neighborhoods.

Make It Home

NYC’s Upper East Side has luxury one bedroom apartments for sale to suit every taste and budget. With top schools, recreational opportunities, and walkable neighborhoods, this area is hot but very understated. Work with a real estate professional to gain access to these highly sought-after properties and find out why the Upper East Side remains one of New York’s best-kept secret values.

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