Using A Service That Does Pest Control in Columbia MD To Handle A Mouse Problem

Using A Service That Does Pest Control in Columbia MD To Handle A Mouse Problem

When mice are noticed inside of a home, taking steps to get them to vacate the structure is a concern. Mice are known to carry bacteria, making them risks for people and pets. Most people will call a professional to handle appropriate pest control in Columbia MD. After mice are eliminated, try the following steps to keep them from coming back inside again.

Take Care Of Cleaning Tasks Daily

Mice will stay inside a home where there is food available for them to eat at any given time. If crumbs are left on floors, or if leftover remnants are not cleaned from counter tops, mice will likely find them and remain satiated. Take the time to perform cleaning tasks daily to eliminate any potential food sources. Cover or wrap all leftover food securely and store it in a refrigerator or tightly-sealed pantry. Wipe down counters with a bleach-based solution to mask the odor of food as well.

Use Deterrents Around The Home

Mice do not care for the smell of peppermint. Consider adding peppermint plants around the perimeter of a home to keep mice from getting too close. In addition, hanging plastic birds from nearby tree branches may work at keeping mice out of the vicinity as they will feel threatened by their presence. Keeping a cat on the property also helps to minimize the mouse population.

Remove Attractions From The Property

If there is a woodpile present on the property, moving it to a location away from the view of the home will help to keep mice from getting too close to the structure. Remove or cover any sources of water. If pets are fed outdoors, be sure to remove their dishes as soon as mealtime is completed.

Seal Possible Entryways

Do an evaluation of the outside of the home to check for areas where mice can slide inside. Fill cracks with caulk and cover holes with pieces of wood. Check around windows and doors as well.

When there is a need to remove mice from the interior of a home, calling a service providing Pest Control in Columbia MD is necessary. Contact us to find out more.

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