All About APA Style Writing

If you think back to your college days, you probably remember professors assigning writing or research projects that required the use of either “MLA” or “APA” formatting. While both are widely accepted and commonly used in academic settings, both can be challenging to employ if you are not too familiar with either format. Here are some basic principles about APA format, specifically, that will not only help you format the perfect works cited page, but will also prove useful in any kind of future personal or professional writing.

APA – What is it?

The acronym “APA” stands for the American Psychological Association. The organization, itself, represents professionals in the social sciences – including psychologists – throughout the United States. It is the premier professional and scientific organization in the nation that has lent itself to the development of the APA writing style. APA format, as a writing style, is most commonly utilized in writing related to the social sciences. It was developed back in 1929 by a group of brilliant scientists, anthropologists and managers who wanted to develop a set of standards that would make reading scientific documents much simpler. Unlike other more creative writing styles, APA is clear-cut and concise; lending an air of professionalism and credibility like no other.

Why Use APA Format?

APA is a great format for anyone looking to present their scientific findings in a very clear, concise and accurate manner. It is a uniform style that allows readers to quickly access pertinent points within the document, as well as navigate through the APA format works cited page with ease. This style – since it is so simple and easy to understand – allows readers to digest the core of the writing, without any distractions. It is great for people who are looking to share qualitative and quantitative results, report back critical details of a research study and utilize graphs to make the date easy to interpret and understand.

Advantages of Using APA

In addition to understanding the basics about APA format, it is critical to understand the advantages associated with this popular writing style. Often times, for even the most experienced writers, understanding how to properly format a paper and an APA format works cited page can be challenging, to say the least.  Writers that utilize this format are able to convey their message in a very clear and concise way – making it easy for them to write out their findings, as well as for readers to interpret their message. This style lends an air of consistency that makes everyone’s jobs – including writing or reading – that much easier. For more information on, contact website.

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