An Accident Lawyer in Duluth, MN Advises Clients How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Hiring an accident lawyer in Duluth, MN can help an injured person prevent costly mistakes that undermine the process of acquiring a reasonable settlement. Sometimes those mistakes are completely unintentional, but in other cases, the individual makes an ill-advised action out of fear. That type of action might include lying on documentation or to a representative from the insurer, for example.

Failing to go to scheduled medical or therapy appointments is an example of an error that people commonly make while pursuing a settlement. Insurance underwriters may view this behaviour in several ways. They may see this as evidence that the person is not as seriously injured as claimed. They may see it as non-compliance with the process of coming to an agreement on a settlement. Without the routine official documentation of the patient’s progress, or lack thereof, insurance underwriters have no way of knowing important details of this person’s condition. A person who abruptly decides to switch doctors and not notify the insurer may run into problems as well.

Posting on social media during this time can create problems. Even if the social media account holder believes their settings are entirely private, investigators may be able to gain access to postings. In addition, the person’s friends or followers on the site might share some photos or postings that could undermine the insurance claim. Pictures of the person drinking alcohol at a raucous party or participating in a group bike ride are examples.

It may be habitual to renew or obtain certain types of licenses without even thinking about it, but that can cause trouble with an injury insurance claim. An accident lawyer in Duluth, MN may advise a client not to acquire a deer hunting license, for instance, if the individual is trying to acquire compensation for a serious injury. The insurer may assume that the person is well enough to go hiking in the woods through some rough terrain. It may be better to skip the activity for one season until a settlement agreement has been reached with the assistance of an organization like Vukelich Law Firm, PLLC.

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