There is No Shame in Seeking Treatment

It is true that there is no shame in finding help for depression, but many individuals suffering from the condition do not believe it. It can be a disabling disease; however, treatment can help. In fact, almost 70% of people who do seek treatment find themselves feeling better in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, many individuals who suffer from depression will never seek treatment for a multitude of reasons. Untreated depression can have serious life consequences such as divorce, loss of employment, and health issues. At worst, untreated depression can lead to death. Individuals do not need to suffer and deal with their depression alone. There are depression therapists in the Washington, DC area that can help.

Believing Depression is Temporary and Will Pass
Many individuals believe their depression is temporary so they do not seek treatment. They believe these feelings will pass on their own. It is true that there are short-term situations that dampen your mood. However, there is a major difference between the Monday blues and overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss that go on for weeks at a time. Feelings of distress after a traumatic event such as being fired or losing a loved one are normal—constant depressed moods, an inability to enjoy preferred activities, and sleep disturbances are not. In these instances, individuals have no control over how they feel and act. Individuals who do not seek treatment and opt to wait for these feelings to pass will find no relief. The odds are great that their symptoms will only worsen.

Fear of Talking about Painful or Sad Memories
A major reason individuals do not seek treatment for depression is they are afraid to discuss their sad or painful experiences. When an individual is mired in persistent feelings of sadness or depression, the very last thing they want to do is dredge up instances from their past that are making them feel that way. While this is why a great many people avoid treatment, delaying will only cause continued and worsening depression. What these individuals need to understand is that getting to the root cause of their depression and treating it is the only way they will ever feel better. If you have concerns about depression, do not continue to suffer in silence. Reach out for treatment to Joseph W. Lafleur, a licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing in the Washington metropolitan area for over 10 years.

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