An Attorney At Law in Northampton MA Takes a Look at the Dynamics of Renters’ Insurance

A renter’s insurance claim is often a joint collaboration between the landlord and the tenant. In its simplest form, the landlord has renters insurance on a property. He or she wraps that cost into the rent. In short, they control all the details, including the company and the details of the policy. Another common set-up may have the tenants receiving renter’s insurance, which is independent of the landlord.

The former situation places responsibility on the landlord. It is up to them to contact the insurance company and set things in motion. The latter is a tenant issue. The landlord should be informed, but the details are for the tenant to handle.

Any Attorney At Law in Northampton MA will realize that this arrangement rarely goes down easy, and all sorts of complications can arise based on finances, how the theft or damage occurred, and other variables. The most elemental and necessary task involved in any renter claim is the reporting of the damages.

An Attorney At Law in Northampton MA recommends that everyone hears all the details. No matter the set-up of the policy, all parties involved need to know what is occurring. This would include:

  • The landlord
  • The tenant
  • The insurance company
  • The attorney for the landlord
  • The attorney for the tenant

The attorneys for either party will assess the situation based on their understanding and the needs of their client. The insurance company obviously must know the details. The tenant and landlord should know, no matter what type of renters insurance is established.

The home should also be safeguarded during the proceedings. If a burglar broke a lock, for example, it should be reported and validated. Photographs are an obvious way to do this. But, the lock needs to be fixed immediately. A landlord may hesitate simply because he or she may steer the responsibility towards them if they begin paying for fixes. All belongings and people living on the property need to be protected- first and foremost.

The lease agreement may specify the details, so the documents should be filed accordingly. In all, the attorneys at Daniel and Fontaine LLC can help steer the way towards who is responsible and to what degree. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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