What To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney In Silverdale

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Lawyers

In Washington, the terms personal injuries encompass a multitude of events. The injuries aren’t limited to one type of personal injury claim. The events that produced the injuries define the type of personal injury claim that is filed. A Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale clarifies the terms and circumstances that apply to each case.

What Happens When Accident Injuries are Discovered Later?

Spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries that are discovered at a later time fall under exceptions recognized by the law. The victim has the legal right to seek damages for the injuries even if they are found after the state statute of limitations has run out. The medical records must show when the injury was discovered and that it happened during the accident.

Are Victims Limited to Specific Doctors Only?

No, the victim may visit any doctor they prefer after an accident. However, an emergency room doctor treats their injuries if the victim is taken to the hospital via ambulance. It is acceptable for the victim to visit their primary-care physician as long as they receive medical treatment. Their doctor gives them a referral when the victim needs to see a specific type of doctor.

What Happens When the Accident Occurred in a Different State?

Even if the victim is on vacation, the laws of the state in which they travel apply to their case. When filing a legal claim, the victim must follow the laws of the state identified. The victim can hire an attorney in their own state if the attorney can practice in the other state.

Are Insurance Settlements the Only Out-Of-Court Option?

No, the attorney acts as a liaison between the victim and the defendant. He or she negotiates a settlement with the defendant whenever possible. The outcome could equate to a larger settlement according to the type of injuries and how they were produced.

In Washington, personal injury claims are filed when another party causes the victim’s injuries. The claim possibilities include medical malpractices, product or premise liabilities, dog attacks, and auto accidents. Victims who need clarification contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale or visit Otto Law Offices for more details.

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