Avoiding Veterinary Surgery in Oregon: 3 Common Canine Ailments That You Can Prevent

Every dog owner hopes their pooch will never have to undergo surgery, but the sad fact is that canine surgical procedures are becoming increasingly common. Still, some of the most common reasons a dog has to have surgery, dental issues, bladder stones and liver disease, are very preventable. Here’s some more information on these common issues requiring Veterinary Surgery in Oregon and what you can do to lower your dog’s risk.

Dental Issues

According to data compiled by veterinary insurance companies, tooth decay is the third most common reason dogs undergo Veterinary Surgery in Oregon. Poor dental hygiene and a diet too high in sugar can cause cavities, abscesses and infections that will eventually require surgical tooth extraction. So, what can you do to keep your pooch’s teeth healthy? According to the ASPCA, the best way to prevent canine dental disease is to brush your dog’s teeth twice each week with a toothpaste that’s specially formulated for dogs. Another way to improve dental health is to provide you pooch with plenty of chew toys to keep tartar from forming on the teeth. Also, watch what your dog eats–table scraps can be loaded with sugar that can harm canine teeth.

Bladder Stones

Bladder stones are becoming increasingly common in dogs, especially in dogs who suffer from chronic bladder infections. Eventually, many types of bladder stones will need to be surgically removed. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to lower the risk of bladder infections in your pooch. Give your dog dietary supplements that prevent bacteria from forming in the bladder: cranberry capsules, vitamin C supplements and probiotics are the most effective. If your dog’s prone to bladder infections, there are more intensive preventative measures that your vet may recommend. Talk to the experts at WestVet Oregon to learn more.

Liver Disease

Diseases of the liver are now commonplace in dogs. Left unchecked, they almost always require major surgery. The most effective way to prevent liver diseases like cancer is to feed your pooch a good-quality kibble that’s high in an easy-to-digest protein. Look for lamb, chicken or salmon as a first ingredient. Avoid foods that contain animal by-products, inexpensive fillers like corn and soy, and too many additives and preservatives.

If your dog does need surgery, it’s crucial to get him the best veterinary care possible. You can browse the website for information on top-notch canine care.

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