Choose Blast Media for Aircraft Paint Stripping, Surface Cleaning & More

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Business & Economics

Does your next project involve adhesive removal, aircraft paint stripping, or hard surface sanitation? If so, consider the many advantages of opting for a high quality blast media, such as T-5 Acrylic, T-2 Urea, or T-3 Melamine. You’ll obtain professional-grade results at a fraction of the cost and effort of other stripping and cleaning methods. To be sure you’re choosing the ideal media, consult an experienced company for guidance and advice.

Numerous Surfaces & Objects
Abrasive blasting is a versatile technique that will allow you to effectively clean everything from aircrafts, to automobiles, to trailers. Media blasting using a blasting cabinet is also perfect for removing unwanted films and coatings from smaller pieces, such as fiberglass components or metal parts. The right media product or blend will do the hard work for you, whether you’re working on a professional application or an at-home project. Choosing a blast media that meets your needs in terms of abrasiveness and surface integrity will also help to ensure you get the most satisfying results.

Quality Matters
When you need to purchase an item for an application or project, it’s likely that you aim for the highest quality possible. There are different variations of blast media, and it’s important to choose a company that follows strict quality control procedures. Purchasing blast media isn’t usually a costly investment; however, poor quality media can sometimes cause surface damage or fail to remove stubborn materials. Abrasives used to create plastic or sand blast media should conform to certain criteria, and buying from a company that strives to meet said criteria will save you unneeded hassle.

A-Grade Results for Less
Purchasing blast media for aircraft paint stripping, anti-corrosive removal, or boat cleaning won’t heavily impact your finances. Even with the addition of blasting tools and safety gear, you’re still getting a completely smooth, uniform finish at a reasonable rate. Additionally, the entire process is fairly quick, assuming the correct media is being used for the project at hand. This is another instance in which choosing a reputable company is important. Knowledgeable professionals can educate you on the dos and don’ts of each form of media, ensuring you receive the highest value for your money.

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