Basic Answers to Common Commercial Refrigeration Questions

Basic Answers to Common Commercial Refrigeration Questions

Anyone in the food service industry also knows that commercial refrigeration is an essential component of your business. It is the one thing that keeps ingredients fresh and in peak condition, but it is also meant to prevent customers from being harmed by bacteria or spoilage. Investing in the right refrigeration is like investing in your success, too, because it is the one way you can maintain the overall quality of the food and drink you offer, and yet there are always many unanswered questions where refrigeration for commercial entities is concerned.

Size Matters

If you look at commercial refrigeration for even a few moments, you’ll see that there is a diversity of size options, and you can find them in a number of different styles as well as many sizes. There are commercial units that fit beneath counters, tuck nicely in prep stations, and work in spaces like bars. There are also oversized “walk in” units and standard “reach in” styles, with some offering glass doors for merchandising. There are also coolers and freezers that fall under the heading of refrigeration for commercial entities, too.

Choosing the right units is about more than just the ideal style or size. You need to think about floor plans, location (i.e. never next to an oven) and so on. You also need to understand the impact of “cubic feet” that your choice has, and what that will mean on the amount you can safely store at any given time.

Lastly, look at the condenser location. Where this sits can make it easier or more difficult to clean the unit, and this is incredibly important when working in the food service industry.

Brand Matters

Like so many other products, the brand of your refrigeration units is going to matter. There will be the issue of pricing, but also of warranty and overall quality. You’ll want to choose those with EnergyStar listings and be sure that you are staying within the FDA codes for your specific area of food service. Note that experts say that “If you’re stuck between two models around the same price, consider getting the Energy Star model for savings on your power bill down the road.”

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