Things to Bring to a Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Live Oak, FL

Things to Bring to a Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Live Oak, FL

A personal injury consultation is a very important meeting and, as such, it’s crucial to be prepared. The more ready a client is for the meeting, the greater the chance the personal injury attorney in Live Oak, FL can help them achieve a favorable outcome. While it’s okay to leave the research to the attorney and the firm’s staff, there are several things clients should bring to the initial meeting.

A List of Questions to Ask

Asking questions is the only way to ensure compatibility between client and attorney. With a list of well-crafted questions, a client can determine whether they should go with a particular firm. Furthermore, during the question and answer session, the lawyer will be able to determine whether the client has a valid claim.

Accident-Related Medical Bills

The severity of an injury plays a critical role in a personal injury case. The amount of damages awarded will depend mainly on the victim’s past, current and future medical expenses. By bringing copies of medical bills related to the injury, clients have an easier time documenting their losses.

A Timeline of the Injury’s Effects

In the time immediately after an accident, victims should take notes on the injury and its effects on their lives. It’s easy to forget what to ask, and these notes will allow an attorney to assemble a case and prove the other party’s liability. The timeline will also help the lawyer determine the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

Evidence and Photos

Photos of the accident scene and other kinds of evidence are useful in documenting fault. Victims should collect the names and contact information of any witnesses, as well as other things relevant to the case.

Correspondence from the At-Fault Party

Legal documents and other information from the potential defendant are another thing to bring to the initial meeting. With these documents, the personal injury attorney in Live Oak, FL will have a timeline of communications from the other party.

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If a person is injured in a dog bite, slip and fall, or auto accident that’s not their fault, they should contact an injury attorney to set up a consultation. Call today or visit for more details.

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