The Basics of Event Planning in Bradenton, FL

The Basics of Event Planning in Bradenton, FL

Planning an event usually oscillates between exciting and frustrating; many times, it spends most of the time just being frustrating. To properly plan an event, you need to get in touch with several different contractors and freelancers as well as many different companies that supply goods and services. The difficulty is multiplied if you have to work with people in different cities or if the event is planned for a city in which you do not reside.

If you take it step by step, through, event planning can be fairly painless. Here is a quick timeline of activity planning.

Early Planning

First, you need to pick either a location or a date. Depending on which is more important to you, you should first choose one or the other. Once you have your date or your location chosen, you can begin event planning in Bradenton, FL.

Choosing a date gives you a criteria for looking for a location; only choose one that is available on the date you need. Choosing a location gives you a criteria for choosing a date; pick a date in which your chosen location is available.

That’s the first step. At this point, you are almost ready to call a specialist. Before you do that, though, you need to create a guest list.

Create a List

Creating a guest list is important because it is how many contractors determine their prices. A caterer might charge based on tens of people or even per person. You need to know roughly how many people will be at your event to continue your event planning. Furthermore, you need to know how many people will be at your event to determine the right location.

If your guest list is more important than location or date, make that first and let the rest of the planning stem from that.

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