Basics to Cross Country Skiing

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Travel

Have you ever wanted to go cross country skiing in Colorado with your friends or family but were too embarrassed about your lack of skiing skills? You are one of many who avoid visiting beautiful Colorado to ski because they lack those skills which can be difficult to learn. Hopefully what you are about to read will help you to attain the skills necessary to begin your cross country skiing journey.


There are two different types of skiing, classic skiing and skate skiing. Skate skiing looks much like skating and requires a great deal of physical effort. If you are just starting out you should probably stick with classic skiing at least until you become a pro. Classic skiing requires you to move the skis parallel to each other which is much easier and does not require a great deal of physical effort. Most people do this type of skiing on groomed trails.

It is possible to perform classic skiing techniques off of groomed trails as well, and this is called back-country skiing. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner when it comes to skiing. Once you have your skis and poles intact, you will probably start off with the technique called the shuffle which only requires you to shuffle one ski ahead of the other. This is a great way to learn and develop your technique. Once you have this mastered, ask a friend to teach you how to go up and down hills safely.

How Far to Go

If you are skiing for the first time you will want to go with a group of individuals and start with a smaller trail. Once you have learned more than just the basic skills, you can move up to a more advanced trail. It is always best to start out with a short trail that you feel comfortable on so you are able to develop your skills without feeling intimidated.

Classic skiing does not involve a great deal of skill and is a fun way to spend a winter getaway with family and friends. Once you learn shuffling basics and master the ability to go up and down hills, you should be able to book that cross country trip and hit the slopes. Colorado has some beautiful places where you can not only show of your new skiing skills, but enjoy the lovely scenery.

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