Steps To Having The Best Holidays Ever

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Hotels & Restaurants

For some people; their best holidays ever require little or no advance planning; they simply arrange time away from their work and set about “doing their own thing”. This could be anything from hanging out around their home town to simply packing a few things into their car or Ute and heading out along the highway stopping whenever they fancy and eating and sleeping at whatever is available en-route. There are even those who enjoy nothing more than hiking in a wilderness or paddling a canoe up a river. However, for most people their holidays are precious times and the majority of us would probably prefer some element of comfort (if not luxury) while getting to see new and/or unusual places.

Have You Tried The Area Around Noosa Heads Up On The Northerly End Of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast?

With pristine beaches and some 4,000 hectares of the Noosa National Park; Noosa may not appeal to the likes of casino or opera fanatics; but it certainly offers potential for one of your best holidays ever if you are the slightest bit interested in the great outdoors. Yet, literally a stone’s throw outside the park, you can find great resorts, hotels or apartments (many right on a beach); along with a great selection of restaurants, pubs and cafes; plus a lively cosmopolitan shopping scene.

Spend time hiking walking trails in the Park; see tropical rain forest; or, watch migrating humpback whales from a coastal headland; go and see koalas in their natural habitat while admiring many exotic birds and a wide variety of orchids and other plants. Put in a bit of surfing, fishing, rock climbing; or, even legal nude bathing and then return to your chosen resort (or other accommodation) for a quick freshen up before relaxing over a cold drink or whatever other “more civilised” activity takes your fancy.

Does This Sound Good To You?

If so, the first step is to book our vacation time with your boss and then decide what sort of budget you can afford to realise such a dream holiday. Then you will need to do a little research –online is the best way these days.

When you are looking for the best holiday ever; why not go back on line and check out the Netanya Resort located right alongside the Noosa National Park? They have accommodation choices that will suit just about everyone and they are close to everything that you might wish to do to ensure this really is your best holiday ever.

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