Why Stay In A New York City Hostel?

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Hotels & Restaurants

Hostels have a mixed reputation – some are only familiar with the mode of accommodation from horror movies, or from stories of friends who backpacked across Europe. Some of these hotels may have been less than reputable, causing other travelers to be wary of them. A New York City hostel is drastically different. Many have great reputations, are in great condition, and offer some amazing perks.

Low Price For Great Location

The cost per night to stay in a hostel, like a hotel, will depend on a number of factors, such as length of stay, location of the hostel, and even time of year. Even with this in mind, hostels are drastically cheaper than hotels, but not necessarily at the expense of location. Travelers will bunk with other guests, each with his or her own bed in a large, dormitory-style room. Most tourists spend their entire day visiting the sights, and only use their hotel room for sleep. A big advantage to booking a New York City hostel is that since the bed is only going to be used for sleeping, a traveler doesn’t need to spend lots of money on a place they’ll hardly be.

Hostels are scattered throughout the city, and many are in convenient locations, with quick and easy access to some of New York’s best attractions.


Hotels can have a cold, alienating atmosphere. Travelers aren’t likely to have many interactions with other guests, and many chains have arrangements with other companies, so the advice tourists get from front desk staff isn’t always the best.

By their very nature hostels are a far more social way to spend the night. Travelers can bunk with people from all over the world, hearing about new experiences, and meeting new friends. In addition, there are always people around who can give tourists real advice on the best places to go for food or fun.

Day Trips

Hotels and hostels alike offer day trips to their patrons, but the type of trip and the experience a traveler will have while on it will be drastically different. Hotels typically partner with other companies in the city and will sometimes offer transportation and admission to various sites at a slightly reduced cost. These types of trips are usually taken by couples or pre-existing groups of people, still leaving little room to interact with fellow guests.

Hostels on the other hand tend to offer day trips at a better rate, and in a much more social environment. Guests at hostels will already have been given an opportunity to meet and greet each other, and may already be developing friendships. These excursions give guests an additional opportunity to develop lasting friendships through shared experiences.

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