Be safe This Winter by Hiring a Chimney Cleaning Company in Baltimore MD

Gathering around a warm fire in the fireplace is a long-held tradition for many families. However, a chimney that has been compromised or damaged by a chimney fire is a danger to a home and its residents. Alarmingly, chimney fires can occur without the homeowners being aware, so the importance of having a chimney inspection conducted by a chimney cleaning company in Baltimore MD, cannot be over-emphasized.

A home’s fireplace is designed and constructed to safely confine wood-fueled fires. The chimney serves as a pathway by which the by-products of combustion are expelled. These by-products include water vapor, smoke, gases, wood particles, hydrocarbon’s and tar. Upon exiting the fireplace, these substances float up into the cooler part of the chimney, where condensation occurs. The result is a residue referred to as creosote which clings tenaciously to the inside of the chimney.

Creosote is brown or black and tar-like in appearance. Sometimes is flaky and crusty or it may be sticky and drippy. Usually, all forms will occur in the same chimney. All forms of creosote are highly combustible and if permitted to accumulate in sufficient quantities and combined with high temperatures within the flue, the risk of a chimney fire is increased. Other contributing factors include improperly seasoned wood, reduced air supply and, unusually cooler chimney temperatures.

A Chimney Cleaning Company in Baltimore MD will perform an evaluation of your chimney to verify if a chimney fire has occurred or to make recommendations about your chimney. The chimney professional will look for creosote that is honey-combed or puffy in appearance, warped damper, collapsed or cracked flue tiles, discolored rain cap, creosote on the roof or ground. exterior masonry cracks, and evidence that smoke has escaped through mortar joints or the tile liners. Thorough chimney cleanings are recommended twice a year, depending on how often the fireplace is used.

Visit website to schedule your chimney inspection and cleaning as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is advisable to schedule the inspection and cleaning before the cooler fall temperatures arrive if at all possible. Doing so will ensure you and your chimney are prepared for the wood burning season. It is possible to obtain the tools and equipment needed to clean the chimney, but thoroughly cleaning it like a professional chimney sweep will be difficult.

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