Below and Above Grade Water Drainage Repair in Guilford, CT

Paved surfaces can take a lot of damage from the outdoor elements. Excessive sunlight, changes in temperature and types of precipitation like rain, snow or ice can present a significant challenge to the lifespan and the condition of asphalt or concrete. However, what can make things even worse and significantly reduce the lifespan of a paved surface is poor water drainage. That’s why water drainage repair in Guilford, CT may be needed.

Water drainage problems, on the surface, may not seem that significant. Even if it’s a temporary problem where a large amount of rainwater collects over a short period of time and then drains off, it can present significant problems to paved surfaces. While it’s easy to understand how prolonged drainage problems and pooling of water on a paved surface can be damaging, it doesn’t have to be for an extended period of time to require significant repairs. That’s why water drainage issues need to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

In some cases, a paved surface that is below grade is going to have significant challenges when it comes to properly draining water. In these instances, if existing water drainage features aren’t working, they will need to be repaired. For below grade surfaces, extra water drainage features may need to be added in order to accommodate the proper draining of water after a rainstorm or after a significant amount of snow begins to melt.

For a paved surface that is above grade, gravity does most of the work. However, that water will need to go somewhere. If it simply drains off the edge of a paved surface, that water can seep into the soil that the paved surface sits on causing it to shift. This can cause significant damage to concrete or asphalt. In these cases, extending drainage features to help move the water far away from the paved surface is an important thing to consider.

Whether you’re dealing with a situation that requires extensive water drainage repair in Guilford, CT or it’s a small problem that can be taken care of easily, professional repair services are important. To learn more about what types of repairs can be performed, you may want to visit the website.

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