When to Look Into Replacement Windows in Louisville, KY

When to Look Into Replacement Windows in Louisville, KY

Sometimes, it is obvious when a window needs to be replaced. If the glass is shattered, the frame is severely damaged, or there is water leaking into the house, most homeowners can’t deny it’s time to look into Replacement Windows in Louisville KY. Some don’t realize there are a variety of other less-obvious but equally compelling reasons to replace old windows. Below are just a few signs that new windows are a worthwhile investment.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If anyone in the household is having a hard time opening and closing the windows, they can be repaired. However, if they’re presenting this challenge on a regular basis, the chances are they’re not operating as efficiently as they should be in other ways as well. Old windows that have been poorly maintained by preceding homeowners are sometimes painted, or even nailed, shut. This should be taken as a warning sign to the new owners.

Condensation Between Panes

If there is condensation between the panes of glass, it’s time for a replacement. It’s almost certain that the frames are being damaged by the added moisture, and it typically indicates air leaks. When hot and cold air are able to travel freely in and out of the house, it drastically increases heating and cooling bills, making the installation of replacement windows in Louisville KY an even more worthwhile investment.

Broken Parts

It can be very hard to find replacement parts for older windows, making repairs a less practical choice. The chances are that if the window is older it’s also less efficient than newer models, harder to clean, and provides less protection from noisy neighbors or traffic.

Although it is possible to replace just one problem window, most homeowners choose to replace all of the windows on one side or floor of a home at the same time. Not only does this increase the home’s visual appeal from the outside, it also avoids having to deal with the same issue over and over as other nearby windows begin to degrade. Plenty of homeowners replace windows just to improve the appearance of their homes, and they certainly have plenty of options to choose from. Visit Affordableexterior.com for more information or to get in contact with a local contractor today.

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