Benefits of Fixing Your Crawl Space

Your crawl space is the one dark, damp place under your house that you try not to think about. However, completely ignoring your crawl space could cause some serious problems to your home and your health. If you’re on the fence about fixing your crawl space, here are some benefits.

No Moisture

Uncontrolled moisture in your home is dangerous because it can cause problems like mold and fungi that put your health at risk. Plus, it can cause unpleasant odors that make your home less enjoyable. If you fix a crawl space in your home, you gain control of the moisture and your health.

Reduced moisture also means better air quality. Mold and other allergens are sealed out, which means you can take deeper, better breaths.

Pest Control

An improperly sealed crawl space allows rodents and other pests to sneak into your home. Your home is a warm, comfortable place for you and your family, not pests. Fixing your crawl space means properly sealing all of the nooks and crannies that pests like to sneak through.

Storage Space

You might look at your crawl space now and think the idea of using it for storage is insane. Who wants to store anything in a dark, dank hole? Well, a fixed crawl space is a cool, dry place that can even be lit. That means you can have some added storage in your home for those items like holiday decorations that you only pull out once a year.

Financial Savings

If your crawl space is drafty, that means that during the winter your warm air is sneaking out and cold air is sneaking in. In the summer, your cool air leaks out and warm air leaks in. You’re not paying to air condition the world, so your conditioned air shouldn’t be leaking into it. Properly sealing your crawl space eliminates drafts, which saves you money on home energy in the long run.

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