Should You Convert to a Two Spring Garage Door?

Should You Convert to a Two Spring Garage Door?

Many garage door owners have one-torsion springs in use on their garage door. The one spring system is cost effective and does its job adequately for its lifespan. Garage doors springs have to compensate for a lot of weight, and the stress put on them when the garage door is open can eventually lead them to break over time. Often times, homeowners getting their garage door springs in Melbourne, FL maintenance might wonder if an upgrade to a two-spring torsion system is better for their garage door. While both options are valid depending on your budget and use of the door, there are some reasons why adding an additional spring to the system is better.

Having two springs means you have a backup. If one spring snaps without you noticing, the other spring will take up all the work and allow you to be able to get what you need out of your garage while you wait for the springs to be replaced. While the remaining spring likely can’t keep the door of the garage up on its own, you won’t have larger items trapped in the garage while waiting for your repair appointment.

A two spring torsion system allows the stress put upon the springs when they are compressed to be divided out. The stress of movement and compression are then carried by the torsion springs, allowing the other components as well as the springs in the garage door’s movement system to last longer and break less often.

A two-spring door system does have its benefits in the long run. By allowing parts to last longer, the two spring system can save you time and money when it comes to getting garage repairs done. While both options for garage door springs in Melbourne, FL are valid and serve their own purposes, considering a two spring torsion system for your door can give the components of your garage door a longer lifespan. Visit for more details.

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