Benefits of Tree Planting in Norwich, CT

From the onset, trees have always been an important and necessary part of humanity’s existence. In fact, without trees, there would have been a paucity of life on planet Earth. Trees add life, vitality, and beauty to their surroundings. Listed below are some of the benefits of tree planting Norwich, CT.

First and foremost, trees produce the oxygen humans breathe in. It has been estimated that a fully matured tree produces enough oxygen in one season to take care of the oxygen needs of an average family for a year. Trees also act as filters to cleanse the air. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in its roots, wood, and leaves. They act as carbon sinks, locking up carbon dioxide to prevent it from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. They also reduce air pollution by absorbing pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Trees that are planted in urban areas act as mufflers. They reduce the noise produced by the bustling activities of humans. They also form part of storm management measures for many cities. Trees also contribute to the mental health of humans. It has been proven that walking among trees lifts the spirits and increases cognitive functions.

Erosion control always incorporates the planting of grass and trees. This is because the roots of trees bind the soil together and the leaves help to reduce the impact of rain and the wind on soils. They also act as windbreaks to reduce the effect of sharp and cold winds during the wintry season. Planting trees on the windward side of a house can lower heating bills and can also reduce snow drifts.

Furthermore, they are also a great financial investment. When trees have been planted to beautify a home or property, it increases the value of the real estate. It has been estimated that trees can increase the value of a home to at least 15%.

There are an untold number of benefits of tree planting in Norwich, CT. To get more information and make inquiries on tree planting services, please click here.

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