Best Ways to Prevent Pests

Best Ways to Prevent Pests

Pests can be extremely damaging to the structure of your home, and could chew up the foundation and interior that could result in you needing to spend a ton of money on repairs. With these prevention methods, you’ll make sure your home is safe from any damages and inconveniences pests can cause.

  • Regular cleaning
    Make sure you sweep and mop your floors and wash off your countertops regularly to help prevent any bugs or pests who are attracted to food crumbs on the floor or spills that may not have been cleaned properly. Cleaning your house ensures pests can’t live on these missed spills and will help you find any pests that may be living in your home.
  • Sealing possible entry ways
    You want to make sure to seal any entry ways for pests or insects. While it’s hard to seal every possible entrance from bugs, you can make sure you seal holes big enough for mice and other rodents. Surprisingly, a mouse can fit into a hold that’s about a pencil’s width, so take your pencil around and see what you can do about any cracks or holes where pests can get in.
  • Removing and storing garbage
    Your garbage is a mixture of smells and potential food for pests, so if your garbage bag is full you want to change it immediately. You want to seal the bag off and store it properly to make sure no pests get into your home. A plastic sealable garbage container outside can ensure your garbage goes untouched and doesn’t attract any more pests.

Sometimes, pests are persistent, and if you can’t prevent pests from getting into your home, you may need to seek professional help from a pest service. Apex can help you if you’re in need of Folsom pest control. You want to contact a professional service right away if you think you have pest invasions in your home.

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