Best Ways to Use Medical Cannabis Without Smoking It

Best Ways to Use Medical Cannabis Without Smoking It

With medical marijuana being legal in over half of the states in the country, getting access to medical marijuana has never been easier for those in need than it is now. With that in mind, there is still a definite lack of information available on how to actually consume medical cannabis in Cook County or your local area. Many people choose to avoid using medical cannabis, even in areas where it is legal because they do not want to smoke. This is understandable as there are many confusing myths related to smoking. There is also the social stigma of smoking, but here are a few ways you can use your medical marijuana without smoking it.


Vaporizers are mainly used by those wanting to quit smoking, but they also work well for medical marijuana. There are many different variations from simple atomizers for a handheld vape to full table top vapes. The reason this works is that the chemicals in the medical marijuana vaporize at a much lower temperature than the rest of the plant burns. This will release the chemicals without the smoke, and it is much more comfortable for the body.


This method does not require you to inhale anything. Instead it transfers the chemicals from the medical marijuana to the fats in foods. This is usually done with butter or oil to allow as much of the fat soluble components to be absorbed as possible. The main downside to this method is that it takes much longer to do since you have to toast the medical cannabis to activate the cannabinoids first. This can take several hours to make.

There are many more methods for using medical cannabis, but these are two of the main methods in use today. They are simple and effective and do not require you to smoke to benefit from it. If you have are looking for medical cannabis in Cook County then check out Greenhouse. Click here at website for more information, also find us on Foursquare for more updates.

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