Busy Kitchen? Skip These Countertop Materials

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Flooring

Many different factors, varying from person to person, play into what kind of countertop we want for our kitchen countertops. One of those factors is the number of people that regularly occupy the house. If you have a large number of people who live in your house, the kitchen is going to become a hectic, incredibly busy place. So you’d want a countertop that can withstand that kind of pressure. The answers may vary from person to person, need to need, but it’s safe to say that the following are ones you should avoid in this particular scenario. So, if you’re looking for kitchen countertops in Brooklyn area, avoid these materials if you have a high number of mouths to feed.

#1. Marble

With an average amount of people in the kitchen on a regular basis, marble holds up as a material just fine. However, marble can be a very fragile material when experiencing high amounts of use on a regular basis. Marble can nick, scratch, and even chip off pieces if you aren’t careful. And these pieces hurt if stepped on, so caution is heavily advised when this happens. Finally, marble is highly vulnerable to heat damage, so caution is also advised when handling a hot object around it.

#2. Recycled glass

This material is a wildcard for this topic, because of its very nature. Being recycled glass re-forged into a countertop, the results can be very different depending on the brand you’re buying the countertop from. Some are stronger than others, some are more fragile. Some crack and fracture like a car windshield, others shatter under too much pressure. As such, there will be a warning label listing what not to do when you find one of these countertops in the store.

#3. Soapstone

While soapstone isn’t vulnerable to heat damage like with marble, it’s just as likely to chip, scratch, and nick. On top of that, heat damage has been swapped out for higher vulnerability to stains. Depending on the stain, it may be impossible to wash or scrub it out no matter what you do. Which makes it less than ideal for a household made up of too many people to keep track of.

A busy household is one that goes through the kitchen rather quickly. So you need to make sure that your countertop is tough enough to accommodate that many people and make sure everyone is happy. If you want a countertop to serve this specific need, look no further than Italian Tile NYC.

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