Cafe Tables – Ideal For Commercial Space

Cafes and restaurants are popping up around the country, with the restaurant industry in Australia growing by 3.17 percent back in 2013.  Now, competition can be fierce for bistro owners, so you’d better get your business noticed by choosing the right commercial furnishings! Of course, success for a food and drink establishment relies on effective marketing techniques and a tempting menu, but none of this matters if you can’t provide your customers with somewhere comfortable to enjoy their mid-morning coffee break or afternoon calorific indulgence. Tables tend to be the highlight of a room, so give your commercial space an instant renovation by finding out what makes this type of furniture so perfect for across-the-counter environments.

Types of Cafe Tables

What are your design specifications when it comes to choosing tables for your food and drink establishment? There are lots of new styles being introduced all of the time, including furniture with built-in drink coasters, swivel-top mechanism tables and chair bases with custom heights. If you want to create a modern look for your business, browse tables with transparent glass centres or a matte finish. Sandstone gold tables, wooden tables and cafe tables with stone legs will enhance farmhouse or country-style environments, as they have a traditional touch. To really make the tables stand out, why not combine colours and layers?

Considering Available Space

There is no point in trying to go bold with oversized cafe tables if you don’t have enough available room to make the commercial space as attractive as it is functional. Online floor plan layout tools will come in handy when shopping for tables, and you can expect many furniture suppliers to assist with taking measurements. When dealing with a small space you would benefit from buying tables that are wall-mounted with folding brackets, as these tables can be folded down when not in use.

Negotiating Prices with a Supplier

Even if you are on a budget you won’t have trouble getting a reasonable deal on commercial cafe tables. How, you ask? Well suppliers will regularly manufacture and deliver furniture to business customers, therefore most orders will be wholesale. Distributors of this kind will offer better value for money with bigger orders. Don’t settle for the first price a supplier gives you, because there is always room for a discount. Haggle well by doing your research, standing your ground and asking about potential freebies when furniture is ordered in big quantities.

Woods, metal and plastic commercial cafe tables can be purchased through Cafe Club.

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