Carbon Monoxide Worries? Buy a Detector and Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Worries? Buy a Detector and Alarm

Many people have read stories about entire families that were killed by what has been dubbed the “silent killer.” Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, invisible gas, meaning you won’t even know you’re breathing in the toxic fumes until it is too late. While you may recognize the symptoms of CO gas poisoning if you’re up and about, you won’t notice anything while sleeping. Most states now require that homes have a detector and/or alarm that alerts them of the presence of high amounts of CO, allowing you to open windows or go outside for fresh air to combat the poison gas.


Most people have heard the terms “detector” and “alarm” before and wonder what the difference is, if any. But there’s a significant difference between the two. Detectors, by default, only detect the presence of gas or smoke. It is usually part of a system that gets its power from the alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms are stand-alone units that have a loud and audible signal and built-in power supplies. In most cases, they are wireless (battery operated), though you can find hardwired options that are built into the electrical system of the home or business.

Buy Together

In most cases, alarms and detectors can be found together. They can all be interconnected, which means that when one goes off, they all do. You’ll know if there is a situation no matter where you are in the house, which means you can get yourself and everyone else to safety.

If you’re worried that carbon monoxide poisoning could happen to you and your family, now is the time to do something about it. Visit First Alert online to find a carbon monoxide detector and alarm today.

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