Prepare for the Warmer Weather with Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA

Prepare for the Warmer Weather with Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA

As temperatures slowly start to creep upwards, many insects are making their way out into the world again. These little critters can invade yards and homes to become an incredible nuisance. Some may even pose issues for pets and family members. Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA provides options for removing many of these bugs from in and around the home. This can allow for a more comfortable and safe season.

Honey bees

Honey bees are a special kind of bee that produces honey and helps with pollination of various types of flowers and vegetation. These bees are very beneficial to the environment but can have serious consequences when they make their nests in and around homes. These nests can create damage and promote mold growth in homes and other structures on the property. Honey bees can also pose serious health risks when swarming or for those with bee allergies.

Carpenter bees

One of the first type of bees to be seen when temperatures start to rise. Similar in appearance to the bumblebee, carpenter bees are larger and have a hummingbird flight patterns. These bees can bore their way into any wood material to make their homes. They are also very territorial and can be aggressive to any human they feel is a threat. Left unchecked, these bees can create many holes and damages to wood structures in very little time.

Terrestrial yellow jackets

The terrestrial yellow jackets are small bees known for their habit of making their nests in the ground. This nesting pattern has given them the name “ground bees”. These bees can often live in yards near homes and go unnoticed until the grass is mowed. This can cause the bees to become aggressive and attack the unwitting mower. They also are known to expand their nests very quickly underground. This brings rise to the need for immediate Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA whenever they are discovered.

Bee removal can be very dangerous for those untrained in practice. It is also best to relocate many types of bees whenever possible to continue their benefits to the environment. The-Beeman offers safe methods for ridding property of many types of bees and wasps in a safe and effective manner. For more information about bees and their removal, click here.

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