Child Custody Tips from Divorce Attorneys in Menifee

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers

Every child of school age gets excited when the freedom of summer comes around, and it’s their parents’ responsibility to preserve that freedom. Divorce attorneys in Menifee suggest taking extra co-parenting steps during the summer, as they can benefit the children’s well-being. Below are several guidelines to help parents do what’s best for their children.

Set up a Custody Schedule

Things undoubtedly change when the kids are out of school, which is why the custody schedule should be revisited. Aside from abiding by the court’s orders, parents should plan around one another’s schedules to ensure that the children are always supervised. If special arrangements must be made, parents should cooperate so the kids can spend time with family and friends rather than in a day care center.

Communicate Effectively

Getaways, vacations and trips are an important part of summer, and it’s important for divorced parents to communicate. If either parent plans to take the children on vacation, they should share them ahead of time to avoid conflict. Offer contact information, trip details and information on conditions relating to the children’s preferences and health. Open communication can ensure that each trip goes smoothly.

Set Aside Time for Bonding

Regardless of the children’s age, the process of understanding and coping with divorce is difficult. The summer is an ideal opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with the children as they deal with their new situation. Day trips are a good way to bond in a less-formal setting.

Agree on Rules

Though the parents live apart, they are still raising children together. Therefore, it’s important for them to agree on rules. Whether it’s about curfew, chores or other guidelines, the parents should have a system that’s consistent between the two households. This creates a better environment for the children and ensures their even development. As always, parents should abide by the rules provided by the court and divorce attorneys in Menifee.

Take a Staycation

The time after a divorce can be financially stressful, and parents shouldn’t worry about planning elaborate vacations with the children during summertime. Get creative with inexpensive local getaways and events. In the end, it’s not about the price of the outing; it’s about the time parent and child spend together.

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