Chimney Repair in Connecticut Sometimes Is the Answer to Supposed Roof Leaks

Seeing evidence of a water leak appearing on the ceiling is never a happy moment. The homeowner might notice some discoloration on ceiling tile, hear dripping in a closet or a corner, or discover an area of plaster has some crumbling deterioration. In some cases, there is no roof leak at all, but rather a chimney leak. A contractor who does Chimney Repair in Connecticut can inspect the chimney and fill in any cracks that may have developed.

A crack can occur around the flashing, on the crown, or somewhere between the two. Spotting cracks from the ground may be impossible, making it necessary to climb onto the roof and view the structure close up. Sometimes, all that’s necessary is reinforcing the flashing around the chimney structure. Homeowners often are delighted to discover the next heavy rainfall produces no problems inside the house. Having the chimney repaired has resolved the issue.

It’s worth having a contractor who does Chimney Repair in Connecticut check out this feature before deciding to have extensive roof repairs done, and especially, before having a roof replaced if the chimney might be the actual problem. Pinpointing the source of a roof leak can be difficult because rainwater and water from melting snow can travel along support beams and other components before seeping inside. Sometimes a roofing contractor must return to the property several times in an effort to locate and stop a leak in the shingles, each time searching for that elusive source. Addressing the chimney first may prevent all that wasted effort.

A leak that appears when rain is driven by strong winds may be due to a crack. Instead of running down the sides of the chimney, the water is forced into the crack. However, homeowners also must be aware that driving rain can get underneath shingles when conditions are excessively windy so, again, there is often no definitive answer without making attempts to search and repair potential problems. A contractor such as V. Nanfito Roofing & Siding Inc. is skilled and experienced at detecting leaks and puts forth all effort required to end this frustrating occurrence.

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