Getting Relief After A Tooth Removal in Wichita, KS

If someone needs to have a Tooth Removal in Wichita KS, they are most likely concerned about what they will experience after the procedure. After a tooth is pulled, steps need to be taken so there is no risk of bacteria getting into the bloodstream. Here are some steps one can take in getting relief after they have a tooth extracted.

Immediately following the extraction, the dentist may put a few stitches in the gums. When trying to keep the empty socket from excessive bleeding, the dentist will most likely use stitches that dissolve after a few days. The person who had the extraction will want to bite down on a piece of gauze for several minutes to help slow the bleeding in the area. When a blood clot forms over the empty socket, it will patch the area so bacteria can no longer make its way into the bloodstream. If a blood clot does not form, the bone underneath will be exposed. The patient would need to go back to the dentist to have a temporary dressing put into place to help keep the area clean.

It is important that the patient rest for a few days after a tooth extraction. They could use an ice pack on the area to help keep it from getting inflamed and to help with pain reduction. They would also be able to take a mild pain reliever if necessary. To help minimize bleeding, the person should keep their head upright instead of lying flat when resting. It is important the patient does not smoke, drink from a straw, or spit with excessive force for a day or two after the tooth is removed. This is so the blood clot does not become dislodged from the mouth after it is formed.

If someone wants to find out more about what to expect after a Tooth Removal in Wichita KS, they can contact a reliable dentist in the area. Take a look at  and browse the site to learn more about their practice. A call can then be made to schedule an appointment to discuss tooth removal options with a dentist.

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