Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys in Laredo, TX

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Lawyers

Car accidents that result in injuries are devastating. Sometimes, the injured party is out of work for months and, as a result, the family suffers from the loss of economic support. There is no wonder that families in this situation worry. Medical bills are piling up and some are getting behind. Hopefully, the victim will be able to recover with a settlement. They are entitled to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, and any permanent injuries.

It is important to hire personal injury attorneys in Laredo, TX. Do not try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own; rather, visit the website, Martinez-law.com to learn more. Insurance negotiators are very shrewd people as they act friendly and compassionate. However, their main job is to save the insurance company money. Many clients blame the lawyer when they get a low offer. However, the lawyer is fighting for the client’s rights.

Most insurers use formulas to decide the value of a case. They decide on a value before seeing all the damages, which is why they make a low offer to start negotiations. In fact, they are hoping the victim will be desperate enough to take it. The adjuster’s formula is based on several items, including:

  • actual medical bills and costs (past and future)
  • lost incomehttp://www.legaladvicefirm.com/finding-a-trucking-accident-attorney-in-baytown/
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress

How do adjusters place a dollar value on pain and suffering? Personal injury attorneys in Laredo, TX will explain it to their clients. Some insurers have a system wherein the victim is offered so much per day of suffering. On the other hand, the company may add up all the damages. Next, that amount is multiplied by a certain number that is called a “pain variable.” While trying to save money, adjusters do not want to litigate cases either. Hiring a law firm and defending a lawsuit is also expensive; therefore, they may offer the victim an opportunity to mediate. Mediation is a good tool. Consequently, both sides come up with something they can live with. Sometimes, it is better to accept a reasonable settlement than wait years to go to court.

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