Choosing the Best Hand Dryers for Restrooms

Hand dryers are one of the best investments facilities can make for their buildings. They are cost-effective, energy efficient, and sanitary. Identifying the qualities you want in hand dryers for restrooms is essential to get the best choice for your facility’s needs.

How Fast Can it Dry?

High-speed hand dryers can dry hands within ten seconds. Users want to dry their hands as quickly as possible. Long wait times can lead to frustration, annoyance, and increased risk of cross contamination. Newer hand dryers for restroom dry hands at an incredibly fast rate, reducing the amount of water that ends up on the floor. Technology has also made it such that hand dryers can dry hands quickly without requiring too much energy. Despite this, slower drying hand dryers will still typically require less energy than high-speed dryers will.

How Much Space Does it Consume?

Newer hand dryers take up far less space than older models. Older hand dryers are bulkier and require a larger area. Making the most efficient use of your space is essential, especially if you have a smaller sized restroom. The size of the hand dryer will impact how many of them you will purchase and how close in proximity they will be to each other.

On a similar note, the position of the hand dryer is another factor. Some hand dryers are designed to allow users to actually put their hands in the dryer while others require them to hold their hands out. The design of the dryer plays a role in how much space it will consume in the restroom.

What Is the Style?

Who knew that hand dryers would be able to influence the ambiance of the restroom? Hand dryers come in various designs and colors that each has their own impact on the restroom. Choose the style of the hand dryer based on the type of facility you have and your industry. For higher end establishments, an innovative and sleek hand dryer is recommended. The hand dryers you choose for your restrooms should match the overall theme of your facility.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is an affordable hand dryer for any type of establishment. Older models are more affordable than ever before. Newer and more stylish designs with recently released technology have an associated cost. Although the price is higher for newer designs, the investment is worth considering due to the wide range of benefits, including reduced labor costs.

When setting aside your budget for a hand dryer, it is important to calculate how much you will save by switching from paper towels or upgrading to a newer design. Regardless of the dryer you choose, you can feel confident that there is a perfect match for your facility’s needs. Check online at website.

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