Steps for Working with Movers Weeks Prior to Your Big Move

Moving is one of the hugest tasks you’ll ever have to complete, whether you are moving a few houses up the street or a few thousand miles. Understanding the proper steps to take early on in the process can help make your moving experience smooth. Several tips below can help you work efficiently with movers in Chicago.

First Steps
About two months out from your desired move date, be sure to contact your local moving agent. Set up a time for the agent to survey your residence and then prepare your estimate. If your employer happens to be covering the cost of your relocation, be sure to look at the company’s moving policy to find out what services the moving company will have the authorization to perform.

You also need to determine whether you prefer to do all of the packing yourself or would rather purchase the moving company’s expert packing services. Physically show your local moving agent all of the items to be moved to avoid confusion later on. Also, if your moving company has a list of your rights and responsibilities as a customer, be sure to read this to protect your best interests.

Second Steps
At about seven weeks before you plan to move, you should be prepared to sign your move estimate. Do this only once you clearly understand each section of the document. Ask the move coordinator any questions you may have, and lock in your chosen move-out date right away. When you officially book the move, be sure to confirm your entire moving plan so that there are no surprises down the road.

Third Steps
Several other important steps must be taken at least six weeks before you execute your move with the help of professional movers. Chicago residents should change their addresses with their magazine subscription companies, insurance provider, banking institutions and credit card companies. Be sure also to update any information you have provided to your accountant, lawyer or doctors. Having a plan of action early on will make you feel more confident and more in control when your move date finally arrives.

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