Combat Bugs and Other Rodents With Exterminators in Phoenix AZ

Bugs and other pests can make a home uncomfortable and even cause damage if they are left to their own devices. Fortunately, Exterminators Phoenix AZ have the knowledge to get rid of bugs and make a home safe for everyone who lives there. While most homeowners try to remedy bug problems with store bought products, this can lead to wasted time and money. Make bugs dread the day they set foot in a home by hiring a professional who can get rid of them once and for all. The following are the most popular types of pests exterminators are called on to eliminate.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the newest pests to land on the exterminators hit list. These obnoxious bugs are generally picked up from a hotel or brought home in used bedding or clothing. While they are small and normally undetected, one bug can turn into thousands in a matter of weeks. Most homeowners notice they have a bed bug issue from the presence of bites after sleeping. An exterminator can set traps to confirm their presence, and treat the home so they are gone for good.


Another common pest that exterminators in Phoenix, AZ combat are ants. While the most common ants are only looking for sugar and other food sources, carpenter ants can eat away at wood and quickly destroy a home’s structure. An exterminator will first determine what type of ants have invaded the home, and then develop a treatment plan that will have them eliminated in a matter of days.


When most people think of spiders, they are instantly overrun with intense fear and disgust. While not all spiders are harmful, those that are can leave bites that cause extreme illness. The most common time for spiders to invade a home is in the beginning of winter, as they are moving out of cold environments and into a warmer temperature. Contact an exterminator at the first sign of spiders, and get rid of them before they have a chance to harm someone who lives in the home.

Don’t live with annoying pests any longer. Contact Alliance Pest Management today, and make any home safe and pest free in as little as a few days. view their entire list of services. Whether a home is large or small, they have the knowledge to keep it bug and rodent free all year long.

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