Common, Careless Foot Woes Seen by a Foot Specialist in Elizabeth, NJ

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Health

No doubt, you have heard the phrase about “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes?” Well forget that; the average person who lives to the age of retirement will have walked approximately 90,000 miles by the time he is 65 years of age! Considering this tidbit, that is an awful long time to be on one’s feet. Chances are, you are bound to suffer some injuries, bruising or at least some wear and tear on those hooves somewhere along the way. You should ensure to take care of your feet. Go see a foot specialist.

A Foot Specialist in Elizabeth NJ knows the various woes that assault feet and is equipped to handle all the podiatric needs that patients have. Since you literally depend upon your feet to transport you to and fro on a daily basis, you need to pay careful attention to how you handle them. Unfortunately, many people are careless about their feet and they pay for it later. Here are some common ailments that podiatrists come across.

* A lot of people suffer needlessly from bunions. Bunions are bumps that occur around big toe’s major joint. In a few cases, they are caused by arthritis; but the main cause of bunions is the wearing of ill-fitting shoes. Just because your foot slips into a shoe does not mean it is properly fitted to your foot.

* Similar to bunions are corns and calluses. These irritating areas of the foot are the abundance of dead skin that has accumulated over a period of time. Trying to self-treat corns and calluses can lead to disaster. A chiropodist can effectively remove them.

* One of the most common problems seen is that of hard skin. This is evident in the hard, crusty skin that forms, usually on the heel area and the big toe area. Left to itself, the heel often cracks and begins to bleed.

Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ are podiatrists in the Westfield, Rahway and Union, New Jersey areas who have been providing foot and ankle solutions to patients around the area. They treat everything from Achilles tendon to diabetic complications to geriatric foot care. If you are interested in a Foot Specialist in Elizabeth NJ, you can visit their website,, for further information.

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