Comparing Hot Water Heaters To Find The Best One

As a homeowner, if your hot water heater breaks, it is your responsibility to find a new one. However this is also a great opportunity to change the type of water heater that you are using if the other one has proven to not be very efficient. Many homeowners opt for gas hot water heaters which are energy efficient. Understanding how to compare water heaters and what to look for in them can aid you greatly in making the best selection for your needs.

Hot Water Heater Ratings

Hot water heater ratings are rated by the EF rating which describes how efficient it is. This type of rating can tell you how efficient your equipment will be at heating up the water over an extended period of time. The more efficient your hot water heater is, the more you will save on your energy bill each and every month. The higher the number, the more efficient the gas hot water heaters are. For storage tank heaters, another rating system is the first hour recovery rating. Comparing these numbers can assist you with making the best possible choice.

Condensing Gas Hot Water Heaters

Condensing gas hot water heaters have up to 96 percent thermal efficiency. In addition, the first hour recovery on these types of hot water heaters are amazing. However the cost is in the $2,000 range which may not be affordable for many families.

Conventional Gas Hot Water Heaters

Conventional gas hot water heaters are another option for homeowners. They have motorized dampers which reduce heat loss and modern ones are more insulated than in previous versions which can provide more efficient heating for the water.

Consulting with your local plumbing company can provide insight into which options are best suited to your water heating needs.

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