A Guide to Maintenance and Garage Door Opener Replacement in Gardnerville

A home’s garage door is one of its biggest moving parts, and in most homes it’s used several times per day. To keep the garage door working as long as possible, it’s important for homeowners to perform regular preventive maintenance.

Customers can Click here for some tips for homeowners on proper garage door care.

Stop, Look and Listen

The most important step a homeowner can take is to watch the garage door as it’s in use. Does it move smoothly, or does it stutter at times? Does it raise and lower quietly, or is it noisy? Excessive noise could be a sign of problems with the garage door opener or other parts.

Tighten Hardware

The average residential garage door gets raised and lowered more than one thousand times per year; that’s a significant amount of vibration and movement, which can gradually loosen hardware. A garage door repair tech can evaluate and tighten bolts and roller brackets as needed.

Test the Door’s Balance

If a garage door isn’t properly balanced, the opener will be under additional strain and it will wear out sooner. After the tech disconnects the opener, they will manually open the door halfway. If the door rolls back down, the springs aren’t balanced correctly.

Inspect Rollers and Replace as Necessary

Garage door rollers, whether they’re nylon or steel, should be inspected at least twice per year and they should be replaced roughly every seven years. Chipped, worn or cracked rollers should be replaced right away by a licensed professional who handles Garage Door Opener Replacement in Gardnerville.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Keeping garage door components properly lubricated will extend the door’s useful life by many years, and the process takes just a few minutes. A garage door pro will use lithium grease on chains and screws, and a quality spray lubricant to coat overhead springs.

Test Safety Features

There are two safety mechanisms on a garage door, and both must periodically be tested. To test the mechanized safety feature, put an object on the ground under the door. When the door touches it, it should rise again. The photoelectric safety feature can be tested easily by closing the door and passing a hand in front of the beam; the door should then reverse its path. If the opener is over two decades old, it probably lacks this feature, and the homeowner should call a pro for Garage Door Opener Replacement in Gardnerville.

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