Considerations When Upsizing With Dub Wheels

When it comes to wheels for larger size luxury sedans, passenger vehicles, trucks and SUVs, one of the most popular options is found in Dub wheels. This is actually a brand offered by MHT wheels, a company which produces several unique lines of wheels including Niche, Fuel, Foose, and Rotiform as well as US Mag wheels.

The Dub wheels are particularly in demand for those looking to upsize on these larger types of vehicles. With the variety of classic styles, the different finishes and the actual quality of the wheels these make a great addition to any vehicle. They not only add value to your vehicle because of their lasting durability, but they also add to the overall customized appearance.

One of the big trends in customizing luxury sedans, SUVs and trucks in the past few years has been upsizing the wheels. With Dub wheels available from eighteen inches to twenty-four inches in most models, and including twenty-six to thirty inches in some wheels, this is the perfect brand to choose.

Performance Benefits

In a report completed by Car and Driver magazine, upsizing, or moving up one or two sizes in wheels has a big plus to the overall driving experience on a vehicle. With larger and wider tires, typically paired with low profile tires and larger caliper brakes drivers will find better braking, better corning and smoother overall ride.

Steering will also be impacted for the positive, with greater “road feel” through the slightly larger and wider tires and wheels.

By choosing the top alloys and avoiding the really heavy wheels, which is why Dub wheels are so ideal for this purpose, you can negate any issues with acceleration due to increased wheel weight.

Aesthetic Benefits

In addition to the performance benefits, there is also the look of the bigger, better options in Dub wheels for an upsize. With classic spoke designs, a range of different finishes and features, and a very different look than the boring OEM rims, you will immediately see a difference.

The company offers a host of different options for trucks and SUVs as well as for luxury sedans. With all the different choices in Dub wheels, you will have no difficulty in achieving just the look you want.

It is important to realize that with Dub wheels, or any wheels, upsizing is only possible to a maximum sized based on the design of the vehicle itself. Upsizing beyond one or two sizes, particularly with the luxury sedans, can actually reduce performance and decrease fuel efficiency, something which will be important to consider for most drivers.

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