Considering Different Options for Cremation Caskets in Orange City, FL

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Funeral Services

As part of the advance planning for the funeral, the individual settles on cremation rather than burial. For the benefit of loved ones, the memorial service will take place prior to the cremation. Instead of arranging to rent a coffin and buy an insert, why not look into options for Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL? Here are some alternatives that are worth considering.


Since the need for the casket is short-term, consider the simple elegance of a wood coffin. It is possible to use paint or stain that will provide a dignified look, and even line the coffin with material that is in a favorite color of the deceased. In order for the coffin to be suitable for the cremation process, no metal can be used in the construction. This is easily remedied by using wooden pegs instead of nails. Once the memorial service is over, the coffin can be used as the container for transporting the body and placing it into the cremation chamber.


There are Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL made entirely out of cardboard. The thickness of the product used provides the stability needed to support the weight of the body. In terms of design, cardboard can be shaped and styled to look like any type of traditional coffin. One benefit of this option is the expense. In many instances, the pricing for a cardboard coffin is competitive with caskets made using other materials.


Around the world, it is not unusual for people to be buried in wicker containers. That same approach can be used if the individual has settled on cremation. Wicker can be used to create the design that the individual wants, and is sturdy enough to convey the body to the crematorium.

For people who have decided cremation is what they want, it pays to make all the arrangements in advance. Talk with the team at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. about the options for caskets along with an urn for the ashes. With those decisions made and the services paid for in advance, grieving loved ones will have fewer decisions to make and less expense to manage.

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