Considering the Possibility of a Family Hospice in Macon GA

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the family does not always know where to turn. What can be done to provide the best possible care for the loved one while still ensuring that time left is as comfortable as possible? The answer is to look into the options provided by a Family Hospice In Macon GA. Here are some of the levels of care that can be utilized at each stage of the journey.

Care in the Home

For at least some of the time remaining, the patient can remain at home and be perfectly comfortable. To aid in this process, the Family Hospice in Macon GA can provide a team that will come in and check on the patient several times a week. In some cases, the visits will be daily and last for a couple of hours. The goal is to check the overall condition of the patient, make sure the medication is being taken on time, and be able to communicate with doctors if there is any change in the condition of the patient.

Respite for Caregivers

In many cases, relatives or loved ones serve as caregivers to the terminal patient. This can be a demanding task, even when the desire to be there is strong. It is not unusual for a hospice to provide temporary relief for the caregiver. In doing so, it is possible to get away for a weekend or have at least some time away and know that the loved one is receiving excellent treatment in the interim.

In Patient Care

During the final stages, the patient may temporarily need more care than can be given at home. The hospice team can coordinate with the attending physician and arrange for a stay in the hospital when needed. As the patient regains some strength, there is the chance to return home and once again be in a comfortable and familiar place.

Around the Clock Care

During the final days, there may be the need for around the clock care. The team from the Family Hospice in Macon GA will work with the caregiver to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

For more information on hospice care, visit and check out the services provided. They may be just what is needed to ensure a loved one is comfortable during those last days.

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