If You Have Been Denied Disability Benefits, Seek Help And Appeal

If You Have Been Denied Disability Benefits, Seek Help And Appeal

Of all the thousands of people that claim Social Security disability benefits every year, only about one-third are approved at the initial level. The remaining two-thirds are faced with pursuing their claim through the appeals process. The paperwork that accompanies your notice of denial specifies why your claim was denied and how to go about appealing the decision. If you are going to appeal and not all claimants do, hire disability attorneys in Missouri and file an appeal immediately.

When you receive notice that your claim has been denied you have 60 days in which to prepare your appeal. This first stage is simple; you simply request that your claim is reconsidered. Statistically, about 6 percent of denials are overturned at this stage; the other 94 percent are faced with a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. It is at this stage that disability attorneys in Missouri can make a big difference in the outcome of your appeal.

Quick and to the point:

With the number of disabled individuals that end up in front of an ALJ, it is no wonder that the hearing is very much to the point. A disability hearing is nothing like an appearance in court, they are actually quite informal.

Although the environment may be informal, the procedure is not. The ALJ, will by this time, have reviewed your case and is well prepared to ask very specific and pointed questions. Your disability attorney will have briefed you on what to expect and how to answer.

The ALJ is not expected to understand the vocational and medical impact of every disabling condition in the “Blue Book.” In most cases there will be vocational and medical experts at the hearing, they too will ask questions. You too can bring along witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Although you may have waited a year for your hearing, in close to 70 percent of the cases the decision is overturned and the claimant is approved for disability benefits.

If you have been denied what you know to be your rightful disability benefits, you must hire skilled disability attorneys in Missouri and appeal. You are invited to discuss your claim with the Grundy Disability Group. Follow us on Google+.

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