Dental Revolution: Learn About Pain-Free Dentistry Advances

Dental Revolution: Learn About Pain-Free Dentistry Advances

For most, thinking about the dentist leads to feelings of fear, embarrassment and even anger. Dental drills and needles can make anyone tremble and may force some to cancel necessary appointments. However, with the advances in dentistry options that have been and will be, the dentist’s office may be an enjoyable place to relax and get healthy.


Places like Hills Dental Care are part of the revolution for pain-free dentistry. Cavities are a possibility with the amount of sugar many people eat and drink. However, the test for cavities has changed in recent years. No longer do you have to let the dentist poke your teeth and see if an instrument gets stuck. Now, lasers can be used to scan the teeth and beep if there’s a cavity or other problem.

This option is pain-free and very accurate. Likewise, it’s safe and can spot cavities that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Lasers are also used to deep clean tartar and plaque, as well as kill bacteria and target decay. Lasers may eventually replace traditional drills and won’t even require anaesthesia.

Air Abrasion

The dentist’s drill is truly a piece of equipment to fear. It is annoyingly loud and can be slightly painful or make you feel pressure in the jaws, gums, and teeth. However, new technology may soon be available that doesn’t require needles or drills. Air abrasion uses aluminium oxide particles and water to remove decay, which can reduce the pain and heat you feel from the drill. It will likely be used to treat smaller cavities and surface stains, but is highly effective and won’t leave you terrified.


DentiPatch is a new way to deliver anaesthesia and looks similar to an adhesive bandage. It is placed in the area, and the lidocaine is applied to the gums or roof of the mouth.

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