Tips for Rodent Removal in Columbia, MD

Tips for Rodent Removal in Columbia, MD

Nobody wants to have pests, either large or small, in their home. However, it isn’t always easy to get them out and keep them out. There are some tips that can help with Rodent Removal in Columbia MD.

Overwhelming Numbers

While some people try to get rid of rodents with just a trap or two, it can be a lot more effective to set a large number of traps. It’s also possible to use mouse glue boards up against the walls to make it easier to catch these rodents.

Use the Right Bait

Although cheese is the stereotype for setting traps for Rodent Removal in Columbia MD, it may not be the best bait. Foods that are even higher in protein and fat used in small amounts tend to do an even better job attracting these pests. Think about nut butters or little bits of meat or bacon when baiting traps for rodents.

Prevention Is Key

Even better than catching the rodents once they’re in the house is keeping them out in the first place. This means not having trees near the house, as these allow the rodents easier access to the attic, keeping food in plastic containers and not leaving any food out, and get rid of cover in the yard near the home, such as bushes and woodpiles.

Consider Calling in the Professionals

An experienced pest control professional will find it easier to figure out where the rodents are getting in and where they might be located inside the house. They can then set the appropriate traps near where the rodents currently are and block any potential locations where the rodents may be entering the house to prevent a reinfestation. Many pest control companies even offer a guarantee that they’ll be able to get rid of the pests and keep them gone for at least a certain amount of time. Even better, while the pest control professionals are in the home, they could deal with any other potential pest control issues as well, saving you from future issues.

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