Different Materials Used in Siding in Leavenworth, KS

Siding is a barrier designed to withstand the ravages that occur with outdoor exposure. The siding system also prevents the escape of heat and air cooled by air conditioning. When it is time to replace the barrier, these are some of the choices of siding available. Each offers that barrier protection along with the style that will suit the home.

The fiber cement Siding in Leavenworth KS has a high fire resistance and is far less appealing to bugs. This can make it a good choice for homes that are susceptible to carpenter ants or termites. However, this material must be professionally installed to provide the maximum protection to the home. It also needs to be painted after installation. Since the fiber cement does need some type of paint to help with the barrier, the color choices are virtually unlimited as long as it is a durable outdoor paint that is applied.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices. Unlike the fiber cement, it is an easier install. It comes already finished with the final paint color. The very low maintenance and durability of the material can make this the go to choice when looking for a budget-friendly material. It’s lifespan may not be as long as some other types of siding. It is also not easily painted over if the wrong color is chosen for the home.

Engineered wood Siding in Leavenworth KS is designed to offset some of the issues that wood siding has with pests. It is also designed to be highly resistant to water intrusion. It can be painted over. However, most people who choose this type of siding prefer the more natural look that wood has to offer. It does come in a variety of natural wood shades that can provide a unique style for the home.

Siding has several different types of material choices. These materials are suitable for different designs and environments. When it is time to replace the siding, take a look at the pros and cons of each to determine which material is best suited for the home. Click here for more information on the different siding materials available.

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