Warning Signs a Home Needs Electric Service in Westfield IN

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Electrician

When electrical problems arise in a home, they can cause a risk for serious injuries and even death. Electrical problems should never be repaired by homeowners since a DIY approach could prove deadly. It is crucial homeowners are able to recognize the signs of electrical problems in their home so they will know when to call for Electric Service in Westfield IN. Through a professional electrician, homeowners can rest assured their home’s electric system will be safe to operate.

These electrical system warning signs should never be ignored:

1. Flickering lights that are not caused by a loose or faulty bulb
2. Intermittent power failures
3. Burning smells from any wiring, outlets, or light switches
4. Outlets that do not function properly or are loose
5. Frequent breaker trips
6. Sparks or burning smells coming from the breaker box
7. Higher than average power bills

If any of these signs is being noticed by a homeowner, they need to call for prompt Electric Service in Westfield IN. Failure to act promptly could lead to injuries or fires in the home. Prompt services are crucial for keeping the home safe for its occupants.

When an electrician comes out to the home, they will first speak with the homeowner and ask about any issues that have been occurring, such as flickering lights. It is important the homeowner is prepared to give information so the electrician will know where to begin an inspection in the home. With a thorough inspection, the source of the problem can be found so the electrician can give a detailed report to the homeowner on what repairs need to be carried out.

When repairs are conducted, the main power will need to be shut off to the home so homeowners will need to plan accordingly. Homeowners who are experiencing signs of electrical problems would be wise to call in an electrician to find the problem and repair it.

Visit BurtnerElectric.com and learn more about the electric services they offer. Contact them right away and schedule an appointment so they can come out and check for problems in your electrical system. With prompt repairs, your family and home will be safe.

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