Ideas for Teasing and Playing with Patterns in a Contemporary Home Furnishing in Long Island NY

The rule of thumb in clothing design and matching is as follows- do not mix-match patterns. Plaid with stripes is a big no. It clashes with the ideas and comes across as too bizarre visually. Who crafted this idea? Is it so universal that breaking it is taboo? A handful of home decorators have asked this same question, and they actually found that bending the rules in this universally understood home decor approach could offer some great results. below are three ideas of breaking the mold of pattern design in a living room or bedroom.

Matching with Solid Colors

The biggest element to remember is that any mix-matched patterns should have the presence of a solid color. The patterns could be wild and eccentric, but they need to be balanced with a proportion that is a pure solid color. That helps balance out the overly unbalanced design. As long as the palette stays relatively consistent, the decor could be quite dazzling.

Keeping the Colors Steady

This leads directly to the color patterns. Some absolutely wild patterns have been used brilliantly against each other in a spectacle of a home living room. But, there is something tying the patterns together- a color. For example, the simplest two mismatched patterns are plaid and stripes. The stripe design could be in the curtains, and it could consist of red and white. The plaid could have red, maroon, and black. The color tying these two mismatched patterns together is red. even tough the patterns fundamentally clash, they still fit together in some fashion. A fantastic designer could make these two opposing elements work together a lot easier because of the consistent color that crosses between the two. Do not forget patterns within one Home Furnishing in Long Island NY with another because every element in the room matters.

There are many innovative ways to make home decor unique and special. Not all unique ideas are worth deploying. Speak with a professional, set aside some goals, and put together a gameplan that is functional but ambitious. Contact  for more on designing a new living room with the best Home Furnishing in Long Island NY.

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