Do You Need a Lawyer in Junction City, KS After Your First Arrest?

A person is arrested and charged with a crime for the first time. They don’t have any experience with the legal system, but they have heard that hiring a lawyer is expensive, so they might wonder if they really need to hire a lawyer in Junction City, KS. The answer, however, is always going to be yes.

Handling a Case Without a Lawyer

A person is not required to have legal assistance. They can do everything on their own. This is often a very bad decision, though. There is a reason why even lawyers will have another lawyer represent them when they’re in any court process of their own.

The arrested person will want to make sure they have someone familiar with the local courts and the legal system to help them through the entire process. This can help them get a much better outcome. If they try to handle the case on their own, it’s very likely they’ll be found guilty and given the maximum sentence.

A Lawyer Can Help with Everything During the Court Process

A lawyer knows the courts, the people who work in the local courts, and the local laws. They know what to do to get a better outcome for the case and how to handle the case if there’s a possibility of the charges being dismissed. They will help their client try to avoid a conviction if possible or help them minimize the sentence they’re facing if there’s no way to avoid a guilty verdict. They can provide advice on whether to accept a plea deal or to take the case to court as well.

The lawyer will uphold the rights of their client. It’s likely the client isn’t even aware of all the rights they have, but the lawyer is. They will, for instance, make sure the arrested person can have a fair trial if they want one and will make sure evidence is handled appropriately, so the person isn’t convicted on contaminated evidence.

If you’ve been arrested for the first time, you need to make sure you contact a lawyer in Junction City, KS as quickly as possible. Take the time to visit the website for the Oleen Law Firm now at website to get more information on how a lawyer can help.

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